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Now and the Future


Modti has developed the first technology to allow for any physical surface to have 3D forms rise from them. Modti SPC and SPS are technologies which are set to place major influence on numerous industries worldwide, as well as make rise to new industries. Click here to learn about some of its capabilities.

Our Services


Product development utilizing Modti Shape Programmable Components is a breeze when we work together. Modti works closely with its customers and partners to provide the best solutions for their needs. Click to see how Modti can help your development with SPC technology.

Modti Supply


Modti offers individual components and kits to allow for you to test implementation of SPC or any of the complementing technology into your own projects. Test, build, and come up with your own uses on your own time. Modti Supply Coming Soon - Click forward to contact us for current needs.

Lightning Quick

Current Modti SPC technology has the ability to form into the desired architecture in under 1 second. Modti continues development in order to speed this time even more and allow the technology to grow into industries which could require even quicker shape forming.

Full Scalability

Our SPC components have the unique ability for unlimited scalability. From nano-scale to meters, the Modti SPC technology allows for a vast amount of possibilities where it can be utilized. Custom lengths are made per customer requirement.

180deg Flexiblity

All current Modti SPC components have at least 180 degree repeatable flexibility without any deformation or change in their properties. Current development has pushed this even further to allow for even more flexibility at smaller bend radiuses, while maintaining the same strength.

Incredibly Thin

From 3mm down to 100 micron, Modti has developed a shape programmable component which can fit into any required space. This inherent property to Modti SPC provides for an extreme amount of usage possibilities for almost any industry or product space.

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