About Us

Changing the World, One Shape at a Time


Our mission is to use our extensive SPC experience to develop further and deliver our world class technology globally. We strive to be the best, and only the best, in the technology which we have pioneered, as well as to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

automotiveModti is a Hi-Tech pioneer in the Shape Programmable space; the creators of both Shape Programmable Components (SPC) and Shape Programmable Surfaces (SPS). As a technology which can be utilized in nearly every industry, our mission is to be constantly evolving our product and pushing it towards being a crucial part to every market. Starting with our SPC technology, we pave the way for small-scale shape reprogrammable products for use in precision instruments. With our knowledge gained there, we work into our biggest innovation, the SPS, where we expand the technology's marketability and usefulness for numerous cases.


Revolutionary Technology
Patents Pending Internationally
Highly Driven Team
Clear Goals and Markets
Ahead of an Emerging Market