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Shane H. Allen

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

Born in Raahe, Finland and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, Shane is the leader pushing Modti forward. He has a background in Management, Industrial Design, Engineering, 3D Development, and Manufacturing. Previous work experiences range from Electronic/Automotive Manufacturing to Fabrication with various materials and methods. Shane's strengths include Leadership, Sales, and Concept Development.


Iouri Kotorov

Chief Financial & Operating Officer / Co-Founder

With 20+ years in the business sector, Iouri is a strong leader who is extremely well versed in startup operations having previously been involved in starting up and turning around three companies. Among many; International Operations, Import/Export, Executive Sales, Supply Chain Management, Strategic Planning, and Marketing are the main scope of Iouri's extensive abilities.


Antti Vikman

Chief Technology Officer / Partner

With 7+ years of experience from international software business ranging from near metal to cloud service solutions, as well as being the previous CTO at Blancco, Antti has an extremely good understanding from all aspects of software development and how it interacts with hardware, other systems and users. Antti's strengths are Software architecture, System integration and Embedded systems.

Ari Lahti

Partner / Investor

Widely known for his presence on the Finnish Shark Tank/Dragons Den TV show - Leijonan Luola. Ari is an extremely successful business man, President and CEO of ICECAPITAL, and a widely aclaimed international investor with experience and connections linking him all over the world. Ari is a seed round investor and partner.

Julia Krasilnikova

Legal Advisor

Julia has considerable experience as a lawyer in several jurisdictions, primarily in relation to corporate and commercial matters. Her international experience gives her a very effective global perspective.

Vladimir Markov

Economist / Designer

Having lived all over the world and with a background in both Economics and Design, Vladimir's strengths include Conceptual thinking, Product design, Computer graphics, and Photography.



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