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Our world class technology can offer great value to your products, as well as shape them into being the first in their own industry. We offer a vast amount of services in correlation with using our components. Our capabilities to work with a customer's product are quite unique. Currently we offer custom building of any part contained within SPC technology. From Stretchable PCB's to Sputtering of NiTi on to nearly any substrate, we can help your product development go as smoothly as possible. At Modti, we value customer satisfaction to the highest degree, so we offer 100% free consulting services on utilizing SPC into your projects. Have Questions? Contact us regarding your needs and we will do our best to exceed your expectations.


  • Custom SPC Lines/Hardware to Any Required Dimensions
  • Custom SPC Software Solutions for Use in Various Products
  • Stretchable PCB Design and Manufacturing
  • Product Development Utilizing SPC Components
  • Sputtering of NiTi at a High Precision
  • 100% Free Consulting for SPC Components

Working Side by Side to Ensure Success

We Fit Your Needs

1 meter scale or 100um scale, we can work with you to create a Shape Programmable Component to fit your individual needs. Our manufacturing process allows for a great deal of flexibility in scaling. Let your team relax and your minds wander, we have this part taken care of.

Easy to Work With

We work on your time, regardless of the timezone. We ensure your answers and demands are met as soon as possible. Our tech office is open 24/7 to help you with any requests, so feel free to pick up the phone anytime without worries.

Free Testing

Not sure if your product can implement Shape Programmable Components? Send it to us to ensure proper setup, for no extra charge. We believe that when everything is setup for you as it should, your decision to use SPC in your products becomes that much easier.

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